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Contoh Penulisan Diary Dalam Bahasa Inggris: Thursday, May 1st 2014

Khairuddin Reng Togeje - Thursday, May 01, 2014
Yesterday I got up at a half past twelve in the morning. I never get up at that time. It was very early. I was sure that  everybody was still in bed. After that I turned on my computer. I got on the internet.
At about 1 o'clock I prayed Thajjud then I went back to get on the internet. I knew that at 1:45 there would be a Champion League big match, Bayern Munche vs Real Madrid. I was waiting for the the match to kick off.

The match started. I watched it while I was getting on the internet. And the final score was 0-4 won by Real Madrid. Real Madrid goes Lisbon for the grand final match.
At 4:15 I prayed Shubuh then as usual I cleaned the house. After my house looked clean I went back to get on the internet. I never stay away from the internet. The internet is one of my teacher.

It was Wednesday.I usually teach at TK Kartini PG Wonolangan. But it was holiday. The teachers went to Malang to accompany some students for a contest. So I was free yesterday.
At about nine I went to a bank with my wife and son to pay my monthly bill. Then I took a nap. I got up at twelve o'clock then had my lunch. After that I took a bath. After that I prayed Dhuhur.

After praying I got on the internet again until 2:00 as I had to teach at a half past two. I finished teaching at 4:00 then I went home. I got on the internet again. Actually I wanted to pray but there was someone in the bathroom. At 5:15 I had my dinner then I prayed Maghrib.

After praying I taught my private students near Piyeng Market in J Lo ( Jrebeng Lor ). I finished teaching at 9 pm. Then I prayed Isya'. After that I got on the internet again. The clock stroke to twelve. I wasn't sleepy because I would watch my favourite football club Chelsea play in the quarter final . The kick off will be at 1:45. And It was still 1 o'clock. I felt very sleepy. I tried to lie down in front of the TV and hoped that I would get up at 2:00 when the match started.
Unfortunately my wife woke me up. I saw the clock. It was 4:20. OH MY GOD...!!! I missed the big match. I tried to know the score. I turned on my TV but it was still advertisement. I took my mobile. What a surprise !!! A lot of messages came on my mobile. They said " Alhamdulillah Chelsea lost ".
But I wasn't disappointed although Chelsea was beaten by Atletico Madrid by score 1-3. In a game there will a winner and a loser. The winner will not always win and the loser will not always lose.

4 komentar:

  1. Semua kta krja bntuk lmpau pke "d'? Ane bingung kenapa hrus turned/menyalakan bukan turning? Kalau dinyalakan berarti pake ap? Turned kah? Help me Please reply!

    1. Tidak semua kata kerja lampau menggunakan d...!!!Kata kerja lampau itu ada dua. yaitu reguler verbs dan irreguler verbs. kalau yg reguler verbs selalu berakhiran dengan d tapi kalau yang irreguler tidak ada yang menggunakan d...!!!
      turning apa turned?tergantung kalimatnya.. kalau lampau ya menggunakan turned kalau sedang menggunakan turning... dinyalakan itu pake passive form.. yaitu menjadi turned...!!

  2. Would you help me? I was writed a song liryc, but i'm not sure with the meaning of liryc is that corectly. I was never study english cours.